ellen-rosa-taylorJoin us for a  very special Associates Meeting on Monday November 14, 2016.    We begin the second phase of our “Meet the Leaders” series with “Spotlight on the Educators.”  The first speaker of this series is Ellen Rosa Taylor, Chair of the Idyllwild Arts Dance Department.  The month of November is quite busy for Ellen with the Fall Dance Concerts and the Bella Lewitzky 100th Birthday Anniversary Celebration.  Ellen will speak at 10:00 AM on Monday November 14 in the Fireside Room.


Ian Schoenleber, Director of Development, will talk to the Associates about  2016 Jazz in tne Pines.   Ian will bring more than numbers and share the importance Jazz in the Pines has to our community, our volunteers, Idyllwild Arts, and our development office.  Ian will speak at 10:30 AM on Monday November 14 in the Fireside Room.

Join the Associates on Monday November 14, 2016 at 10:00 AM in the Fireside Room in the Nelson Dining Hall on the IAA campus for an exceptional and informative meeting. All are welcome.  This is an ideal to bring a potential new member or simply one who is curious about the Associates.