Honor the founder of the Associates Endowment Fund, Katie Grisby

Katie Grigsby was instrumental in establishing a permanent endowment fund in support of Idyllwild Arts Academy and Summer Program students.  She was the leader of a group of Associates that recommended that a $1,600 Elderhostel donation be used to fund a new endowment.

Our Endowment Fund was created in 1968 and grew over the first years with many small donations. Larger donations have been made in memory of Associates and others who have passed away.

Katie’s recommendation that the Associates donate 10% of the net proceeds of Jazz in the Pines and other special events is the driving force for the endowment’s growth to over $300,000 today.

Each year, the Associates Endowment Fund makes a donation supporting the students of Idyllwild Arts in need of scholarships.  Please consider being part of that gift.

Please take this opportunity to make a contribution to our Endowment Fund in honor of Katie Grisby or your own family or friend.

Teacher Appreciation Day

Join the Associates of the Idyllwild Arts Foundation salutes the Faculty and Staff of Idyllwild Arts.

Tuesday May 2, 2023 11:30-2:00 PM at Nelson Dining Hall